Welcome to Elite Scientific Instruments Sdn. Bhd.


Director’s Message to our valuable customers:

We, Elite Scientific Instruments Sdn. Bhd. would like to thank our customers for their  valuable support in our journey to become one of the prominent suppliers of Agri-Science, Environmental Control Solutions and bio-technologies in Malaysia.This growth has been made possible with our highly skilled, well trained & hard working staff & contractors who are always enthusiastic to take up any challenge.
Our integrated groups have a common focus which is to serve our customers based on delivery of a high quality product, timely response to meet client needs while giving reasonable cost. Our customer satisfaction reflects many aspects of our 12 years history as an importer/supplier of high quality instruments. Whether you are a researcher, local entrepreneur or inventor, student, or other constituent, Elite Scientific Instruments Sdn. Bhd. provides a solution to your needs in a friendly and expert manner.  In our daily contacts with you as a customer we will do our best to offer good service with a short and safe delivery time. 
With best regards
Hassim Mohamad Isa
Managing Director